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Copyright Notice


This is a slash site which contains fanfiction and pictures which refer to male/male sexual encounters. If this sort of thing bothers you then please leave now. You must be of the legal age in your country to view some of the fanfictions on this site.

None of the fanfiction here is meant to reflect any of the wrestlers true lives, preferences or any other thing about them. This if why it is called fanFICTION.
All fiction on this site is copyrighted to the author. No fiction may be reproduced as a whole or in part without the author's expressed permission. (This includes use in news articles and/or columns.) All authors have their e-mail addresses on their pages. It is illegal to do so.

If any author plagiarises work contained in this site then the original author will be contacted and action WILL be taken.
If any work on this site or any other is found to be a plagiarised work then ALL fictions submitted by that author will be removed from this site.

No money is being made from this site, it is purely for the enjoyment of the authors and readers.